Monday, November 12, 2012

London Shopping

I'm a bit late with this, but I still owed to show you what I bought on my London trip! I didn't spend too much in the shops, but I did find some nice things.

In some goth/alternative shop in Camden I found a cute Hell Bunny dress - it was my very first Hell Bunny dress and I have to admit I've bought two more after that (but at a better price)! The print features humming birds and roses, how could I not love it...

I also visited Collectif, both stores in Camden and Covent Garden. I liked the dresses, but ended up buying two cardigans. They're perfect for the colder seasons!

Forbidden Planet, of course, is a must-visit for any sci-fi lover. I could not resist buying these Star Trek drinking glasses, and... a Dalek! They had so much cool stuff though, I had to be brave and leave some behind.


  1. You know, I find that it's sometimes those trips (be they to far flung destinations or just down the street) when you don't spend that much that you end up loving what you get all the more. The few garments you do bring up end up being wonderful souvenirs and memories of your holiday (or day out).

    ♥ Jessica

  2. I love Hell Bunny's dresses. Today I found some good things at Collectif's site, but shipping is really to much :(...

    Great dress you bought

    Kisses darlin'

  3. Ooooh, I love your whole lot! That hell bunny dress is really really nice- I don't like lots of their prints because of the skulls which isn't my thing, that one is charming! And eeeeeeeeeeeee a dalek!!!!!!!!!! Love it, it's HUGE! I forgot you really liked Doctor Who and Sci-fi stuff! (did you see my Doctor Who style inspiration outfit last week?!)
    Fabulous! SO cool you were in London!

  4. Fun stuff! I love pieces that remind me of trips we've taken:)

  5. I love Hell Bunny dresses, I've never owned one though, this dress is so cute! Those cardigans are adorable too, I'm an avid lover of cardigans, you can never have enough - am I right? Those Star Trek glasses are great.


  6. That dress is seriously pretty. Great choice!

  7. The dress is well cute, and I cannot go past forbidden planet without going in, major geek! x

  8. I love Camden, such nice stores there, but Ive never bought anything that I would like there, lucky you, this dress is amazing! Cant wait for more pictures to see how you look in it(but that will probably happen in summer haha). Cardigand are lovely too! Btw, have you visited Beyond Retro? (close to Oxford street). It was my favorite second hand shop in London, lot of my bags come from that shop :) Its placed on Poland street(or next to) which I thought was a nice coincidence ;)

    1. I did! Beyond Retro was on my wishlist of stores to visit, but I didn't buy anything... I don't know if it's just me but I thought it was a bit expensive. They had some nice dresses though!

  9. Hahaha those star trek drinking glasses are awesome! Love both of the cardigans and the dress, I would wear them to death!


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